Yo! Keep It Real / Season lll / Piška Part

? Yo! Keep it real — Season lll — 2020 ?
Around the Globe – Where? – Why? – How? –

Staying in a place you don’t like is a fuc*ing battle.
Definitely one of mine, sadly, for last couple of years.
Pro’s for staying are obvious, I have my super studio here.
Con’s for staying, again, so obvious I just, whatever. Really.
I share and relate on this one with all my generation.

But, if I dare to dream,
Where do I want to go?
Where do I want to move?
Do I wanna move at all?
If an opportunity comes, I’ll move in a heartbeat.

So, what’s holding me back now? I don’t know.
My roots are definitely not where I live,
I want to plant my seeds somewhere else.

Also, you know what they say,
Home is where the heart is.
And my heart is lost somewhere in the clouds.

Digging deep with this one in hope to find an answer
to years long lasting question, yet again,
in all my honesty, I don’t know.

Crazy enough, now is not the time to think about that.
New normal. For how long? This is beyond.

So for now, the best plan, to shift and make
a nice worm, safe, supportive place to stay is,

my mind.

All love,

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