Hello, I’m Tjaša Piška, founder and creator behind a small brand called Pirate Piška. It’s an independent — one — girl — brand meaning I do/make everything you see on my web page or on social media. Everything from hand printed apparel and handmade backpacks to writing blogposts and sharing my story/message through solo and group exhibitions, pop up shops, collaborations and more.


What? White hand printed t-shirts and oversized sweaters, black tote bags and simple backpacks, stickers, badges and sometimes fanzines. Sometimes socks too. But always made with a lot of love for handwork.

Who? Pirate Piška is an independent–one–girl–brand of unique products under which I create witty and responsible products that make this brand story true to its origins. Brand is based on the principles of quality workmanship with a minimalist, unisex and sustainable approach in mind. Backpacks are made with local / EU materials, t-shirts are part of Fair Wear Foundation and all products are packaged in plastic-free packaging.

❯❯❯ As listed below, here are some parts of what I do and would need a touch of your support. The truth is,I dream (too) big and to achieve what I have envisioned a lil’ financial push right now would mean everything. Luckily, you can now support my ideas as simple as buying me one or more cups of coffee and that would mean a lot. Srsly. It would mean a lot. So, just to be transparent, a cup of coffee would support: 

❯❯ MAKING NEW DESIGN / ILLUSTRATIONS ❯❯❯ I have so many ideas flying around and I would love to spend more time making illustrations for my hand printed tshirts. But here is the harsh part. I can spend a few days on making an illustration and basically not making any money at that time ‘coz my sels drop instantly if I don’t promote constantly. I know, it’s very clear I would need somebody to feel in that marketing void. So yes, sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles. But more on that later.

❯❯ WRITING BLOGPOSTS ❯❯❯ I discovered not so long ago that I really like to write. Like, really, really like. And then I just start continuously and quite obsessively writing and sometimes my blog entries are quite long. But it’s not writing that takes much time, it’s the research, editing and stopping at some point so everything would make sense in the end. What can I say, it would be nice to earn some coin to support my writing.

❯❯ CREATING SAMPLES ❯❯❯ Making samples is everything! Experimenting, trying and testing different kinds of materials, etc., but this kind of work takes time and money. Time for experimenting and money for buying different kinds of materials. Right now I’m especially interested in fake furs made out of plants and would love to work on that.

*A textile sample is a piece of cloth or fabric designed to represent a larger whole. It can be a small sample, usually taken from existing fabric, or a larger sample made as a trial to test print production methods (Textile sample – Wikipedia)

❯❯ TIME FOR RESEARCH ❯❯❯ Research is very important, although I find it a bit overwhelming at times. I’m just so ridiculously curious about everything, which definitely helps my creative juices flowing, but I also want and need to know as much as possible about branding-marketing-business and also maintain up-to-date about materials and the world around me. And that, my friends, takes time. A lot of my time.

❯❯ MORE CONCEPTUAL WORK ❯❯❯ Sometimes I do limited edition pieces that are more of a story than a money-make-calculations produkct. That kind of projekts usually don’t make enough money to sustain or to contribute to further works. At best, I make enough to cover material expenses and some my work, but that means without profit that comes from margins.

It’s heartbreaking when I have to battle myself if it’s worth making a specific product just because I believe in the idea so much and think this product would bring such a nice contribution to my shop / portfolio / overall look or not making it because I won’t make any money out of it. It’s a never ending story.

❯❯ STUDIO ASSISTANT / AGENCY ❯❯❯ This is quite self explanatory. In the end of a day I know I need help ‘coz I dream too big and really want to spread my creativity as far as I possibly can. But that is way too much for just one person to handle. I desperately need a studio assistant and in the future an agency to help me put my vision into more sustainable form.

So, where to take cuts and where to take shortcuts? Well that’s the question I ask myself every day. Making everything from scratch and myself can we both,– super fulfilling and super frustrating. And everytime it’s because of the lack of money or lack of time. You know, smart people said it way before me and it’s true,– time is money. So, a cup of coffee here and there would definitely help me with all of the above.

Help me with supporting my cause, my passion and I don’t want to be cheesy, but hey, my everything. I put so much love, effort, sleepless nights into what I do and do it well. I wish more than anything to continue telling my story and making a statement through my products. 

In the end of a day I just need a lil’ (financial or emotional) push so I can make a sustainable brand.

I don’t have many other resources or any investors at all so this kind of platform feels the most genuine to me.

Thank you for taking time and reading this and thank you even more if you choose to support me. 

! IMPORTANT ! There are so many ways to support me for FREE too. Share my web / shop / blog / facebook / instagram page or give me a thumbs up if you like any of my posts. Don’t forget to comment, tell your friends about it and repost content where you feel most inspired or related to. Tag me in your instagram post / story. There are so many ways and I will be forever grateful for your contribution. 

❯❯ Please check my web page for more content ❯❯❯

With love,
Tjaša Piška