The idea for the renovation of my grandfather’s workshop started in the beginning of 2013, with the aim of arranging a multi-purpose place for development and implementation of Pirate Piška projects, as well as for all those who are looking for a place to realize any other projects. Through the years, Pirate Piška Workshop was created as an open space, where several projects can be created or several groups can be co-working.

There are several separate working surfaces in the workshop for work with a computer as well as for larger projects. For screen printing needs, there is a four-headed carousel and a developer, as well as a common laundry space and a small kitchen to make coffee. Alot of coffee.

At this point, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to everybody who are helping me upgrade the Pirate Piška Workshop. Love you all.

I print custum t-shirts, pullovers and bags. I’m also up for any collaborations. Let’s do something together. Write me at