I made my first limited edition collection of Girls Gang Forever t-shirts back in 2014 as an homage to all riot babes, strong heroines, female vocalists/bands and comic book characters I grew up with. Now, more than ever I feel I have to make it a regular product you can purchase in my webshop for a fair price that covers only my work and material without any other margins. I feel like this is something I can contribute back to the grlpwr community as a maker/screenprinter.

When I was contenplating on bringing back these t-shirts I’ve been seeing a lot of girl-inspired-quotes apparel from fast-fashion-commercial-brands at the same time. I must say it kinda rub me the wrong way, so I really wish you understand that Pirate Piška GG Forever collection comes from an honest place and it’s made for fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up not tear them down.

I would like to make a #ppxgirlsgang platform with photos of strong, free thinking, opinionated women from all over the world that can inspire others and it would mean a world to me if you will contribute with your photos or whoever of your loved ones wearing Girls Gang t’shirt! All received photos will be than uploaded on this webpage and some on Pirate Piška facebook and instagram, but most of all my grand master plan is to make a fanzine with all Girls Gang photos<3

!Disclaimer! It is not obligatory to buy #piratepiska Girls Gang Forever t-shirt to participate in #ppxgirlsgang platform and fanzine! you can send photos of you doing what you love or your friends, mothers, grandmothers, fathers or any other person who gives you inspiration in girls gang context. You can send any photo that represent your view on girls gang community (of course, all photos must be copyright) and write a line or two of what this picture means to you. If you’re a more creative person, you can make your own t-shirt with girls gang sign and send me photo of the creative process. Diy approach is very welcome!

Please, share your photos, stories, thoughts and ideas, so we can make positive #girlsgang community!
Srsly, -you are more than welcome to share your thoughts about this topic and my zine/platform project

I hope to hear from you soon! My inbox is hungry for your pics and thoughts

Much love,
Tjaša PPx