BADGES / PINS (2012 -)

Different Pirate Piška badges / pins are a thing since day one!
Sometimes packed individually, sometimes in a package. It depends.


illustrations, photo: Tjaša Piška
badges / pins: Domen

STICKERS (2012 – )

Stickers and badges stay with me from the very beginning.
They always will. Stickers are kool.


illustration, photo: Tjaša Piška

FANZINES (2013 -)

I make fanzins randomly. Individually or as part of a collection.
Paper takes it all.



photo: Tjaša Piška

CAPS (2013 – )

Pirate caps or pirate hats. Sometimes with an embroidered caption, sometimes with a hand printed patch. My favorite is the one with a gold patch. We are golden.


screen print, photo: Tjaša Piška


EMBRYO is a leitmotif for three pullovers that use motifs, also used in the /Platonik/ collection, but in a new creative technique.

The name of the collection is derived from the word Embroidery and the word Embryo that symbolises a new technique I used for the first time and is a combination of embroidery and screen printing.

I first presented EMBRYO at a solo exhibition in the Layer House in Kranj (2017).


P.S. All three pullovers were stolen in less than a month after the exhibition. Well fuck it, that’s Life. I’m okay now.


illustration, screen print, photo: Tjaša Piška
embroidery in collaboration with RogLab

LOVERS (2017)

Lovers are pink long sleeve t-shirts that came up very spontaneously, but had to happen since this idea has been with me for quite some time. The connecting element of Lovers t-shirts is the planet Mars which is ruled by Fire and Scorpio, both of them are hand screen printed in two colors.


I presented Lovers for the first time at a solo exhibition in the Layer House in Kranj (2017).


illustration, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Tjaša Piška, Matjaž Rušt


/Platonik/ is a collection of organic cotton & fair wear t-shirts. I found the inspiration in five geometric (platonic) bodies. All t-shirts are hand printed,

each comes in a set, with corresponding platonic coat, which you can cut, glue and compose as one of the five elements.

You can read a lot more about the collection on the Pirate Piška blog! /Platonik/ is a fairly complex collection which becomes quite interesting if you only take a few minutes and read what I have to say about it. You can also listen to Platonik Playlist.


/PLATONIK/ package is plastic free!


illustration, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Miha Peterlič, Tjaša Piška

GIRLS GANG FOREVER (2014, reprint 2017 – )

I made my first collection of Girls Gang Forever t-shirts back in 2014 like an homage to all riot babes, strong heroines, female vocalists and comic book characters I grew up. now more than ever I feel I have to make it as a regular item you can purchase in my shop for a fair price that cover only my work and material without any other margins.

Girls Gang Forever collection is made for fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help built their fellow sistas up not tear them down.


Girls Gang tshirts were the first packed in plastik free package!


lettering, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Maja Willow, Tjaša Piška


For April 1st I printed super limited t-shirt collection ☹sad-not-sadwhich came together with my first flipbook! yey

All sizes are unisex, hand screen printed and super limited.
Flipbooks are handmade & hand numbered 1-9.

All 9  flipbooks are hand cut, glued and hand numbered, but even such important information sometimes gets lost! So, here it is – black on white forever.

What is a flipbook? A flipbook usually contains a series of pictures or photographs that gradually differ one from another and when you flip all the pages, they transform into a real animation. I find Slovenian words for flipbook rather awkward and ridiculous, like my first one ever made. Practice makes perfect, right?


illustration, flipbook, screen print, photo: Tjaša Piška
video: Bine and Tjaša Piška

Pirate Piška SOCKS (Locally made socks 2016, Tabi socks 2015)

Beta version of the printed socks was created in 2015 and mini motifs were screen printed on Japanese socks called Tabi 足 袋.

Another reprint took place next year and I’m really proud of these socks! Five different Pirate Piška Socks Packages consist of 1 pair of black or white socks and 1 print. A pair of socks is a combination of two motifs and is complemented by a third which is printed on paper. All screen printed and packed in a shiny silver envelope.


Socks made in Slovenia!


illustration, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Miha Peterlič, Bonino Englaro


Black on Black Backpack /Simple /Zipper /Large is a collection of three different handmade backpacks. The first two differ in details and the third one stands out in size. They are all suitable for girls and boys, unisex as always. All three are made with faux leather and always will be.


Handmade by Pirate Piška


photo: Tjaša Piška


Palms as backpacks in black, silver and pink color. Made with cotton and / or faux leather. For everyday, cause every day is summer!


Handmade by Pirate Piška


photo: Tjaša Piška

(ENTER) FUN (2015)

(ENTER) FUN is a continuation of the ENTER THE VOID collection. Both collections tell the story of mankind, animals, their life and transience and now they invite you to walk through the polygon of fun and find new answers to the same old questions together. This time in colors.


Collection (ENTER) FUN was first presented in Youth Center Litija.


illustrations, screen print, photo: Tjaša Piška


ENTER THE VOID is a collection that tells the story of mankind, animals, their life and transience.

The story of the collection continues with derivations (izpeljanke?) of motifs in the form of screen printed t-shirts, tote bags and prints.


ENTER THE VOID collection was first presented at the exhibition DOUM PRESENTS: Pirate Piška under the Association of Young Designers and Artists DOUM.


illustrations, screen print: Tjaša Piška
f: Miha Peterlič and Tjaša Piška, m: Anja Mencinger


Wanderlust is a Winter collection of simple backpacks made out of durable cotton with fake leather straps, padded / reinforced back and pockets inside. PII is the smallest, PAII comes second and POIII is the biggest. All very lovable.


Handmade by Pirate Piška


f: Miha Peterlič
m: Anja Mencinger

DIY BACKPACK PACK (2014 – 2016)

1 package for 1 backpack, accessories and instructions,
in short, -all you need to make a backpack in 1 package!

Package contents: thread, sewing needle, pins, rope, 100% cotton fabric with screen printed pattern to cut a backpack (black fabric with gray rope or black fabric with pink print and black rope).

Instructions: How to make a simple backpack in seven illustrated and super simple steps.


execution, screen print: Tjaša Piška
f: Miha Peterlič


I wrote and illustrated super simple instructions for making a simple backpack. They come as part of the Pirate Piška DIY Backpack Pack or as an independent fanzine. See quick preview in the video below.


execution, illustration, video: Tjaša Piška

MINI SK8S (2014)

Mini skateboards from Ghostwood! Although this is not in my nature, I took the instant solution to this project. For the prototype it seemed somehow acceptable. I bought skates in China Shop and I do not recommend this to anyone. They are definitely not suitable for anything other than a trial experiment. I must say they look damn good on the wall of Pirate Piška Workplace, but that’s all. Nonfunctional skateboards that look good. O fuck.


illustrations, paintings on skateboards, photo: Tjaša Piška


Welcome to Ghostwood! Let me introduce you to my friends: a fox, a wolf and a bear. Tears, blood, sweat. Everything hand screen printed in one or two colors. Every t-shirt and tote bag comes with special gift: a fox, a wolf or a bear paper mask. We are all animals.


illustration, screen print, masks, photo: Tjaša Piška

BASIK BACKPACKS (2013 – 2017)

Basik Backpacks were made in three different sizes S-M-L with 100% cotton and locally made acrylic rope. Handmade since 2012 by Pirate Piška

Basik Backpacks continue what First Backpacks of 2012 began!


Handmade by Pirate Piška


photo and design: Tjaša Piška


Mrs. Fox, Mr. Fox and Arrows Backpacks. All three are made of cotton, faux leather and wool. All handmade and embroidered, only one of each.


Handmade by Pirate Piška


f: Luka Prijatelj
m: Maja Kocjan


Pirate skull from Pirate Piška. Illustration is screen printed on different things. Everything from t-shirts, sweaters and bags. Skateboard has a sticker.


illustration, screen print: Tjaša Piška
m: Rok / Šlosart MetalArt and Tjaša Piška
photo: Luka Prijatelj


I made first Pirate Piška Backpacks back in 2012. I also screen printed them with three different patterns. We’ve stayed together until 2017. They will be in my heart forever.


Handmade by Pirate Piška


design, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Luka Prijatelj

HAPPY PEOPLE (2012 – 2017)

Before this t-shirt, there were only a pony and a fox with the pox. This one made it through the years, some people were feeling it, some didn’t. I’m happy.

In the last five years I made a reprint a couple of times and the last one was for the Pirate Piška Pop Up Shop in July 2017.


lettering, screen print, photo: Tjaša Piška

FOX WITH THE POX (2012 – 2013)

Fox with the Pox were the first Pirate Pišk t-shirts. Initially printed like stencils. Every story starts somewhere. This one wih fox.


f: Andrej, Tjaša Piška


Birds and feathers screen printed on faux leather.


illustration, screen print: Tjaša Piška
photo: Miha Peterlič
m: Urška Klajn