[Season lll] Yo! Keep It Real

Ilustracija & Sitotisk
Pirate Piška

145 g/m²

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Yo! Keep it real — Season lll — Around the Globe — Imagine. A lightning fireball out of nothing. Bam. And I was hit by a thought. Yo! Keep it real can’t possibly be something that only happened once and I’m done. Finnito. No. It had to be more than that. It’s very simple. Doing it once just didn’t feel right, that’s why I’ve decided to do it two more times. A total of three times. You know. Like a triptych — A lot has changed from the first draft idea. World has changed. We have changed. We’re all fighting our own battles, casually drinking coffee with demons of doubts, somehow flirting with the future with all the usual ups and downs in between, forever in the search for answers, always thinking how to move forward. We all are. But. Hear me out. This is important. Your voice counts, so make it a positive one. For you, for your neighbour, for everyone. We can do it. For fuckin’ fact we can — So. This is it. The third and final part. Where everything just comes together. Like a powerful wish. To connect. Us. Wherever we are. And we are all around the Globe. Nothing less — Nothing more — All Love.

Pirate Piška 2020

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