SIMPLE+ Black / Grey / Pockets
Pirate Piška Handmade

width: 37 cm
height rolled up: 60 cm
height rolled down: 40 cm

backpack: water repellent acrylic canvas
straps: nylon, metal belts for closure
top closures: velcro fastening

Backpack has a large inside pocket
and three smaller pockets

hand wash with sponge and water

GUARANTEE on Pirate Piška Backpack
You receive a 1-year warranty when buying
any backpack from Pirate Piška Collection!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND all backpacks are handmade and
it usually takes 5-7 days before order is shipped, thank you.

Suitable for girls and boys. Yo.
Backpack material is manufactured in the EU.

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